Monday, 23 September 2013


As well as knitting and sewing I've been having a go at spinning- using a top whorl spindle. The picture shows two of my most recent efforts drying. The one on the right is still rather thick and a bit uneven! The left one is a bit thinner and I think(?!) a bit more even. When they are dry I'll wind them into balls and try and estimate the yardage.

This is my spindle and two batts from Sara of Sara's Texture Crafts, the batts came from her monthly batt choice club. Just waiting to pluck up courage to make a start with them!! She has some lovely fibre on her website- not a good place to browse if you are trying not to spend!!


  1. Looks like you are getting on well with your spinning! Go on give those batts a try xx

    Answer to your question on my blog... Hi Lynn,
    They haven't got the go ahead yet, just wanting stall holders to sign up. If they go ahead I might do one or two dates a year, which will be published in my newsletter and on my site as usual under the events page, so pop over to and get your self signed up to the newsletter.
    My next fixed 'local' date is Craft4Crafters at Westpoint in January!

    1. Thanks Sara, have made a start on the batts! They seem to be coming on okay, I'll have to make a date for Westpoint.